Take control of your skin’s translucency

Take control
of your skin’s

(Turn on a spotless glow!)

Take control of your skin’s translucency
Fair, translucent skin with a healthy glow

Fair, translucent
skin with a healthy glow

The dream skin of Asian women

Clarins, the skin care expert

No.1 luxury skin care brand in France
Over 60 years’ skin care expertise
20 years of whitening expertise
Plant Science expertise Collaboration with the largest biological research center in France

In 2017, Clarins creates
a total brightening regimen

5 complementary steps for bright and clear skin: purify, prepare, correct, embellish, revive, enhance

1. Purify

  • NEW

    Creamy Mousse


2. Prepare

  • NEW

    Brightening Aqua
    Treatment Lotion


  • NEW

    Brightening Milk
    Treatment Lotion


3. Correct


    Serum 30ml


4. Moisturize

5. Revive

  • NEW

    Brightening Revive
    Night Cream


6. Enhance

  • NEW

    Powder Foundation


The application method

Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum

Clarins’ 20 years of Whitening Expertise

For the 1st time, , Clarins Research has identified the 3 stages of dark spot formation due to melanin* over-production. Each dark spot formation follows 3 successive steps according to the production of melanin transferred by the melanocyte** to the surrounding keratinocytes***.

  • Stage 1

    Under normal conditions, there is a regular production of melanin by the melanocyte, which is transferred to the keratinocyte. This medium level of melanin pigments in the epidermis is responsible for a natural, even skin tone which can be affected by UV exposure and lead to FUTURE DARK SPOTS.

  • Stage 2

    Under UV exposure, melanogenesis is enhanced by both the direct hyperactivity of the melanocyte and exosomes. This leads to an increase of melanin content in the keratinocyte, but not enough to be visible at the skin surface. These are called DARK SPOT IN PROGRESS.

  • Stage 3

    Over time or due to more intense UV exposure, the quantity of melanin accumulated in the keratinocytes reaches the level required to make the dark spot visible at the skin surface. These are STUBBORN DARK SPOTS.

1Natural pigment responsible for skin pigmentation
2 Cell that produces the melanin
3 Key cell of the epidermis, contributing to shape a physical barrier to protect the skin from its environment

Acerola, the most effective plant
to target exosome1 messages

White Plus Pure Translucency

A story of bio-inspiration

The powerful benefits of the acerola fruit

The acerola is a personal favourite of Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins, Clarins Managing Director, as its fruit is renowned for its very high content of polyphenols and skin benefits, making it a popular health food. He was convinced that the benefits of this amazing fruit could be adapted for cosmetic use. Following this idea and after further studies on acerola, Clarins Research Laboratories reveal its exceptional benefits.

The acerola fruit extract is able to regulate the MELA EXO SYSTEM by inhibiting the message contained within the exosomes, proteins which trigger an overproduction of melanin.

Effect of Acerola fruit extract on melanin production-24,5%2 of melanin overproduction

1 Proteins which trigger an overproduction of melanin
2 In vitro test. Melanin production under the effects of exosomes secreted by keratinocytes subjected to UV.